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Sutherland Tables gathers fuel unit costs throughout the regions from a broad range of suppliers. When calculating heating costs and associated cost per useful kilowatt for each fuel, efficiency of equipment, room size and home insulation are taken into consideration. System efficiencies are based on the mid range of appliances of a given type, with an allowance for controls, distribution and (where appropriate) storage losses. The calculation method used is based on BREDEM, with reference to past and recent Building Regulation thermal standards.

The calculation method used, based on BREDEM (the same methodology that underpins SAP) makes various assumptions about the way in which a dwelling is used, which may not correspond to actual use. The Tables are intended for comparison of heating costs though figures are broadly representative of actual costs.

You can view costs for the various subscription options on the subscriptions page. We offer the following options:
  1. Single subscription: A standard one-site non training subscription
  2. Subscription & multiple site/training licence: permits subscriber to use publications for training purposes or at multiple sites
  3. Subscription & promo licence: permits subscriber to use publications for promotional purposes
  4. Subscription & multiple site/training licence & promo license: permits subscriber to use publications for training purposes or at multiple sites, and for promotional purposes

  1. Zip or compressor software installed on your computer in order to unzip/unpack the file that contains all the publication files
  2. Adobe reader, in order to view the various files in the publication

Please refer to the download instructions available after these FAQs in the first instance. Alternatively, check through the rest of these FAQs – you may have an issue with your organisation’s security settings. If you are still having difficulties please email us at

In the first instance please contact your own organisation’s IT department, as they can often alter settings to allow downloads from recognised sites. If this is not possible, please let us know – we can make special arrangements to have the publications delivered to you by CD/post or by fileshare (admin charges apply).

We would encourage customers to pay for purchases online, as this is the most efficient and secure means of payment. However in certain circumstances we can accept cheques and handle BACs payments (admin charges apply).

We are often asked by customers to carry out one-off analysis, which we are more than happy to do. Just drop us an email or give us a call to discuss what you need – we will then provide you with a cost estimate and proposed schedule.

No problem! Just send us an email requesting to be added to our mailing list and we will let you know of any changes that are happening with Sutherland Tables, and when any new publications are available. There is no obligation to make a purchase, but you will still be kept in the Sutherland Tables loop.

Your subscription will automatically renew - giving you access to the latest publications. However, you may cancel your subscription plan at any point from within your account area.

Sutherland Tables Download Instructions

  1. Prerequisites

    Before you download a Sutherland Tables publication you will require:

    1. Zip or compression software to unzip the file
    2. Adobe Reader or alternative to read the pdf files
  2. Logging in & Downloading

    Any publications you have purchased will be available to download from your account section. To login to your account section and download your files or view recepts for your purchase see the steps below:

    Immediately after your first successful purchase

    1. You will be directed where to login to your account section to download your files after any successful purchase.
    2. If you have not yet set an account password - set an account password by following the onscreen instructions on the confirmation page that loads following your successful transaction. Be sure to use a valid email address - as important account email, receipts, password recovery links and activation emails will be sent to the email address entered here. Also ensure any email address entered on the payment pages matches the email you use for setting your account password.
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    Alternatively you can register an account and set a password before purchasing

    1. Register and set your account password
    2. On successfully subscribing or purchasing an archive publication you will be directed to visit your account section where you can manage any subscriptions, download your files, payment receipts etc.

    Logging in to your account at any time after an account password has been set

    Click on the Login link at the top of each page and enter your email address and password.

    Downloading your files

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Click on the linked title of file to be downloaded
    2. The file will be saved to your computer, in your Downloads folder
    3. You will now need to unzip this file, and ensure all files contained within are EXRACTED or UNZIPPED.
    4. Locate the file and double click on it, or right-click on the file and select EXTRACT or UNZIP ALL files
    5. Your resident zip tool or decompressor tool will start, with all files and/or folders listed - how these are presented will differ depending on zip/decompressor tool used.
    6. Unzipped files will be saved to a newly created folder, at a location of your choice.
    7. From there, using Adobe Reader, open the Contents.pdf file.
    8. Use this file to navigate to all other files
  3. Getting Help

    1. If you need help with a download please refer to the instructions above in the first instance.
    2. If you still require help, please email giving a full and detailed account of what the problem is, and why you need help